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Welcome to Old Radio Parts & Antique Audio, your source for vintage parts and modern supplies for vintage electronics servicing. My name is Mark Oppat (rhymes with "stop at") and I have been servicing items since 1973, when at age 16, I discovered the joy of bringing vintage radios and related electronic items (such as guitar amps, jukebox amps, phonographs, etc.) back to life ...that's over 40 years now!

Around 1985, I began specializing in parts sales for vintage electronics. When I saw all the repair shops and parts depots closing, I then went on a quest to buy up as many vintage parts as possible, and ended up buying the stock of well over 20 repair shops. In addition, I became a dealer for capacitors, bulbs, spray cleaners, power cords, and other currently made products that are needed for servicing vintage equipment. I also bought the former Clint Blais reproduction radio dial business in 2003, and continue to offer most of those dials.

I have also become a specialist in volume/tone/balance/etc. controls for home and auto radios, and (mainly pre-1970) audio gear. I can repair or duplicate most any type, including the ganged pots for Fisher 400, 500, & 800 models, and many others.

Explore my site and you will see just a small sample of what I have. Feel free to send your "want list" and we will check our stock for any special items. I'm always on the lookout for new inventory too, so please visit my "Items Wanted" section if you have parts that you would like to sell. Check "My Ebay Auctions" as well - you might find that unique item you have been searching for.
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